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Binaural Beats Meditation Sound Therapy

Difference between youtube & store audio quality


In Youtube, no matter how the videos are presented, the audio is available in 44 kHz, 16 bit and 120 kbps.

youtube store
Online Store

when you buy sounds from our online store, the audio is presented to you in 96 kHz, 24 bit and 4096 kbps.

How Brainwave frequency works

When you put your headphones on and open one of our Binaural Beats, two sounds start playing from the two sides of your earphone. The two different sounds are of two different tones playing in your ears. Say tone 1 is playing in your right ear whereas tone 2 is playing in your left ear. Your brain responds to this difference of frequencies in your ears. It says, “Hey! Is something not right? Different sounds are playing in my two different ears!” so it makes an effort to overcome the difference by making you hear the third tone. And in this effort, the state of the Brain changes and it relaxes, giving you various effects of relaxation, sleep, lucid dreaming, headache therapy etc.


The most recent releases from our global community

All the latest tracks are created by brilliant music professionals and reviewed one by one. From motivational tracks and sound effects to our new, unique music kits, you’re always sure to find top-quality music to make any project sound right.